Students excel at Science Competitions

Northside students have excelled at numerous science fair competitions this spring.

Pictured are Rudder MS students at the Alamo Regional Science Fair

Texas State Science and Engineering Fair

The Texas State Science and Engineering Fair was held at Texas A&M University at College Station on March 30.

Nineteen Northside students competed in the middle school division – Noah Leuthold, Folks MS; Allison Ringer and Paige Dewlen, Hobby MS; and Sofia Proffitt, Stinson MS. Fifteen Rudder MS students competed: Macie Wilson, Sharanya Sharma, Levi Pena, Emily Burhans, Mia Fernandez, Luke Updike, Carmendy Burhans, Gianni Boyd, Joel Garcia, Meritxell Trevino, Alexis Kail, Isaac Pena, Daniel Nicolaou, Chloe Phan and Ayumi Vazquez.

Vazquez earned 1st place in Biochemistry.

In the high school division, Health Careers HS was represented by Jacob Avina, Jailene Garcia, Mikaela Hurtado, Laura Reilly-Sanchez, Uma Srinvansan, and Jeffrey Vanegas.

The team of Jacob Avina and Jailene Garcia was awarded 3rd place in Biochemistry. 

Sixteen students from Jay Science & Engineering Academy competed: Trisha Baillon, Chloe Boerner-Martinez, Deandra Cruz, Trevor Erwin, Alan Fletcher, Ryan Fletcher, Erick Gonzalez, Elizabeth Letch, Daniela Olvera, Maria Celeste Olvera, Jake Remmert Scott Roelker, Jessica Romero, Shejan Shuza, Adam Spiegel, and Mariana Uhlig.

Remmert placed 2nd in Microbiology. 

The Alamo Regional Academy of Science and Engineering (ARASE) sponsors two regional competitions for students in south central Texas – The Alamo Regional Science & Engineering Fair and the Alamo Junior Academy of Science.


Alamo Regional Science & Engineering Fair

The Alamo Regional Science Fair was held March 2 at St. Mary’s University. Rudder Middle School and the Jay Science & Engineering Academy each garnered three of the four campus level awards: the Alfred G. West Award for school participation and scientific excellence in the Earth & Space, Engineering, and Environmental categories; the Charles McGibbon Award for school participation and excellence in Math & Computers and Physics categories; and the Sister Joseph Marie Armer Award for overall participation and scientific excellence. 

Folks, Hobby, Jones, Rudder, and Stinson middle schools competed in the Junior Division. Students receiving grand prizes were Macie Wilson, Rudder MS, First Grand Prize; Sharanya Sharma, Rudder MS, Second Grand Prize; Emily Burhans and Levi Pena, Rudder MS, Third Grand Prize; Sophie Proffitt, Stinson MS, Fourth Grand Prize; Ayumi Vazquez, Rudder MS, Fifth Grand Prize; and Allison Ringer, Hobby MS, Fifth Grand Prize.

Best in Category 1st place awards went to Carmendy Burhans, Rudder MS, Chemistry; Mia Fernandez and Luke Updike, Rudder MS, Environmental; Gianni Boyd and Joel Garcia, Rudder MS, Physics; and Paige Dewlen, Hobby MS, Physics. 

Second place awards were earned by Meritxell Trevino, Rudder MS, Botany; Reid Rinche, Rudder MS, Earth & Space; Isaac Pena, Rudder MS, Engineering; Chloe Phan, Rudder MS, Environmental; Lawson Schneider, Hobby MS, Environmental; Alexis Kail, Rudder MS, Microbiology; and Daniel Nicolaou, Rudder MS, Physics who also 1st place among 6th graders overall.

In the Junior Division, there were also nine Broadcom MASTERS winners, which qualifies them to compete at the national level. Students receiving this nomination were Ayumi Vazquez, Emily Burhans, Levi Pena, Sharanya Sharma, Marcie Wilson, Mia Fernandez, and Gianni Boyd, Rudder MS; Allison Ringer, Hobby MS; and Sophie Proffitt, Stinson MS.        

Brandeis and Health Careers high schools and the Jay Science & Engineering Academy competed in the Senior Division. Health Careers students Jailene Garcia and Jacob Avina earned Second Grand Prize and Jeffrey Vanegas earned Fifth Grand Prize. 

Best in Category 1st place awards were earned by Laura Reilly-Sanchez, Health Careers HS, Behavioral & Social; Erwin Trevor, Jay Science Academy, Earth & Space; Chloe Boerner-Martinez, Jay Science Academy, Engineering; Trisha Baillon, Jay Science Academy, Environmental; Mariana Uhlig, Jay Science Academy, Math & Computers; Mikaela Hurtado and Saba Ghodrati, Health Careers HS, Medicine & Health; Jake Remmert, Jay Science Academy, Microbiology; Scott Roelker, Jay Science Academy, Physics; and Daniela Olvera; Jay Science Academy, Zoology. 

Best in Category 2nd place awards went to Uma Srinivasan, Health Careers HS, Biochemistry; Tristan Schramm, Jay Science Academy, Environmental; Maria Celeste Olvera, Jay Science Academy, Environmental; Elizabeth Letch, Jay Science Academy, Botany; Alan Fletcher, Jay Science Academy, Engineering; Shejan Shuza, Jay Science Academy, Math & Computers; and Ryan Fletcher, Jay Science Academy, Physics.


Alamo Junior Academy of Science

The Alamo Junior Academy of Science was held Feb. 2 at LEE STEM Academy. 

At the middle school level, several Rudder MS students earned grand prizes including Ayumi Vazquez, First Grand Prize, Biochemistry; Katya Sanchez, Second Grand Prize, Environmental Science; Sharanya Sharma, Second Grand Prize, Microbiology; Andrea Dominguez, Second Grand Prize, Chemistry; Chloe Phan, Third Grand Prize, Environmental; Daniel Nicolaou, Fourth Grand Prize, Physics; and Emily Burhans, Fifth Grand Prize, Earth & Space. Highest in Category Awards were earned by Meritxell Trevino in Botany, Macie Wilson in Earth & Space, and Joel Garcia in Physics.

In the high school division, Laura Reilly-Sanchez, Health Careers HS, was awarded Second Grand Prize in Behavorial & Social Sciences. Grand Prizes were also awarded to Jay Science & Engineering Academy students Trevor Erwin, First Grand Prize, Earth & Space; Nathaniel Ledbetter-Ferril, Second Grand Prize, Earth & Space; Erick Gonzalez, Third Grand Prize, Botany; Adam Spiegel, Third Grand Prize, Math & Computers; Natalie Dow, Fifth Grand Prize, Physics; and Jessica Romero, Fifth Grand Prize, Environmental. 

Highest in Category Awards went to Jay Science Academy students Ernest Medrano, Behavioral & Social; Maria Celeste Olvera, Environmental; Brittany Edwards, Chemistry; Malachi Drew, Engineering; and Ryan Fletcher, Physics.