Students run their way to victory

When most of us are just starting to get ready for school or work in the morning, there are students who are already on a fast and steady pace.  These are student athletes who participate in cross country running. These students practice early in the morning, and late in the evening, running an open-air course over natural terrain of dirt or grass during all weather conditions.

At NISD, there are more than 562 cross country athletes. In addition, a large number of these runners participate in track during the spring.

This year, NISD was represented by three schools at the state UIL competition, quite an accomplishment because of the high number of schools eligible. They included the Stevens HS Varsity Girls team, the Brandeis HS Varsity Boys team, and individual runners from Brandeis and Holmes high schools.

The Brandeis HS Boys team finished 13th overall and the Stevens HS Girls team finished 14th overall.

Participants were Elizabeth Alvarado, Maddy Alvarado, Alana Blankenship, Mai Deguchi-Kelly, Erin Eaton, Julissa Farias, and Jennifer Ramirez, Stevens HS; Benjamin Hard, Thomas Hinojosa, Malesich Kruz, Diego Muzquiz, William Potter, Carlos Salazar, and Jacob Warren, Brandeis HS; Celesia Smith, Brandeis HS; and Ethan Hageman, Holmes HS.