Trustees recognize NLA members

At the Oct. 23 Board Meeting, Trustees recognized outgoing members of the 2017-18 Northside Leadership Academy (NLA) and presented Certificates of Completion. The NLA class is a year-long program that identifies and trains potential administrators.

Aspiring Administrators

Kimberly Contreras-Tamez, Westwood Terrace ES

Shavan Galindo, Carlos Coon ES

Jennifer Hilbrich, Mireles ES

Brooke Mallard, Mireles ES

Roxanne Olvera, Mead ES

Barbara Triplett, Carnahan ES

Rebecca Zamora-Barraza, Mead ES


Tanya Alanis, Folks MS

Joel Castillo, Neff MS

Leticia Chapa, Ross MS

Gina Gutierrez, Jefferson MS

Alana Louhisdon, Jones MS

Kimberly McClintic, Jones MS

Tyler Smutt, Pease MS


Gabriel Best, Taft HS

Ruth Caldwell, Excel Academy

Joshua Copeland, Marshall HS

Araceli Farias, Jay HS

Matthew Jenke, O’Connor HS

Jennifer Shroyer, Holmes HS

Travis Weissler, Harlan HS

Gerald Winter, O’Connor HS


Department Leaders

Catherine Callihan, Middle School C&I

Michelle Cardona, Human Resources

Jamie Ford, Testing and Evaluation

Laurie Holmes, Special Revenue

Alexander Langley, Special Education

Danielle Leon, C&I

Kristen Johnson Montellano, Elementary C&I

David Johnston, Middle School C&I

Katie Martinez, Partnerships

Carrie Moix, Middle School C&I

John Moran, Academic Technology

Audry Ortegon, Human Resources

Monica Perez, Human Resources

Esperanza Rios, Business

Kristen Solis, Special Education

Loiselle Tejada, Middle School C&I

Tracie Ware, Internal Audit

Tracy Zavala, Purchasing