All NSITE Seniors will participate in the Virtual Enterprises (VE) Capstone Course. This course is designed to provide students with a transformational learning experience by giving them an authentic business experience in which all students work as part of a team running their own virtual company. The VE companies will replicate the functions and demands of a real business – including administration, accounting/ finance, sales, marketing, human resources, and IT. Each firm is overseen by a student management team and CEO. VE companies engage in trade with a network of simulated businesses across 42 countries using an online banking system. This task and standards based curriculum integrates business, entrepreneurship, personal finance, economics, and technology and is guided by the VE Career Readiness Framework. This curriculum promotes project-based learning, research, and real-world applications.

All NSITE students will take the standard core courses, but it is recommended that students take English at the Pre-AP and AP level all 4 years and all Social Studies courses at the Pre-AP and AP level through U.S. History. All seniors will take a capstone course through Virtual Enterprises International where they will run their own virtual business throughout the year. All NSITE students must be enrolled in at least one business class each year and must complete 6 business credits for graduation.

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