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End of year exemptions

Teachers, Please plan accordingly with your department/team regarding the final exam questions/essays for your PLC. 


All final exams should be submitted electronically to the Academic Dean no later than Friday, May 20th for approval. 


Also, please take time to review the 2022 Spring Final Exams Exemption Criteria and Testing guidelines. As always, share this information with our students. 


For questions, please let me know. 


Thanks for all that you do! 



2022 Spring Final Exams Exemption Criteria

  • The student must have 3 or fewer absences for the second semester excluding school business absences in the exempted course. 

  • If the course is a full-year course, the student must have passed the first semester.

  • The student's final average for the spring semester is 80 or higher.

  • The student's conduct grade in that class is "S" or better.

  • Beginning March 1, students who have 3 or fewer absences in a course for the remainder of the semester are eligible to exempt their spring semester exam.

  • All students must take exams on the assigned day and time. There are no exam exemptions. Early exams must be approved by the Dean and Teacher of Record. 

  • The exam grade is 10% of the semester average. Students are expected to study and prepare for their exams. 

  • All exams must be taken on campus during the scheduled exam time. There are no virtual exams.

  • Students with off blocks who remain on campus must be seated in the cafeteria until the end of the period. 

  • Multiple Choice Questions: Minimum 25 questions and Maximum 60 questions. Written Exam is optional and should be averaged in for a grade with multiple choice final exam. 

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