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Welcome to the O'Connor English Department. 

Here at O'Connor, we believe in setting high standards of rigor and personal responsibility with each of our students.  Every teacher is committed to the success of each student and works diligently to aid in the educational growth of the students in their charge. All English teachers are governed by the department guidelines as set forth by the Northside district office and then adapted to fit O'Connor's unique student demographic.

We offer many exciting subjects for our students to choose from that meet the student where they are academically and inspire them to learn more.  We offer English 1, English 2, English 3, English 4, English 4 College Prep, Academic Decathlon, Creative Writing/ Literary Magazine, Literary Magazine 1 & 2, Media Literacy, Junior / Senior Seminar, and Communication Applications (Speech)* at varied levels. We also offer courses with collaborative teacher settings and courses that focus on successful end of course completion.  We use technology in the classroom, as well as differentiated, interactive learning to engage students.  

To challenge your student, O’Connor offers many upper-level English electives and advanced courses that provide the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school.  Last year, our students earned numerous hours of college credits in English, and we expect even more this year! In addition to our course selection, we also offer English based Clubs and extracurriculars to provide even more opportunities for your student to grow or explore their literary passion.

Advanced Placement/Dual Credit Summer Assignments for the 2021-22 school year:

  • English 1 Advanced
  • English 2 Advanced
  • English 3 AP 
  • English 4 AP / Dual
  • English 4 On Ramps

Our students are dedicated to their extracurricular groups. We are proud of our numerous Speech and Debate victories we have had in the past few year. 

1st Place UIL District Champions 2019, 2021

2nd Place UIL CX State 2021

1st and 2nd Place UIL District CX 2021

State Qualifiers 2019, 2020, 2021

Nationally Qualified 2019, 2021


Literary Magazine

Yearbook/ Journalism


Oral Interpretation

Sponsor: Jake Beckwith

When: Meets during 5TH period

Where: Room H209

Sponsor: Katie Scott



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Sponsor: Kate Jones



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Sponsor: Star Samarripas



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AP/ DUAL Credit

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