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Attendance Recovery


If your child has more than 8 absences in the fall semester he/she should complete attendance recovery (AR) hours. The attendance recovery schedule is attached and is also available on the OHS Campus Website under Announcements and Attendance. There are additional AR sessions available including a Super Saturday this coming Saturday on 12/4/21. If your student plans to join us on Saturday for AR, Credit Retrieval, tutoring or HB 4545 hours, please complete THIS FORM.  Attendance recovery hours should be completed by December 10, 2021. A callout and email will be sent later this week to all students who still need attendance recovery. Students who have 4 or more consecutive days of absences due to certain medical conditions may qualify for a medical waiver. All contact information is included on the attached Attendance Recovery Flyer. Please include your child’s full legal name and NISD Student Identification number in all correspondence.

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