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Bell Schedule

Period Starts Ends
1st 9:00 9:46
2nd 9:52 10:37
FLEX 10:43 11:13
3rd 11:19 12:04
4th 12:10 12:55
5th 1:01 1:46
6th 1:52 2:37
7th 2:43 3:28
8th 3:34 4:20

FLEX is an additional period that requires a modified bell schedule to allow for targeted intervention, extension, and enrichment.

The FLEX period falls between 2nd and 3rd period, lasting a total of 30 minutes.

FLEX is meant to add "flex"ability to our stu- dents' already busy schedules by allowing for tutoring during the school day.

During FLEX time, all teachers are available to assist students. A student may be invited to a FLEX session by a teacher, or the student may select the teacher through the “FlexiSched” system.

All students are required to log into the FlexiSched system and select a class to attend Tuesday-Thursday each week. Stu- dents who do not select a class to attend will be assigned to one.

Mondays & Fridays students will remain in their 2nd period class for an advisory period.

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