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Staff Alpha Breakdowns

Alpha Assistance Breakdowns

Here at O'Connor we have a large campus population.  While our size gives us the ability to provide great content and diverse activities, we want to make sure you and your students feels seen and personally addressed.  We break down the student population by the first letter of the students last name.  These groupings are assigned to Assistant Principals and Counselors.  We hope that this provides consistency, familiarity, and a personal touch to work with the same staff member who will know you. While these groupings can change, normally they roll over each year to maintain that relationship.  If you need information, assistance or would like to talk with your alpha representative please call the VPO office at 210-397-4824 or the Counselors office 210-397-4832.  

Assistant Principal  Alpha Assistance  

Last Name Alpha A.P. Name
A-D Thomas Johnson
E-K Alberto Munoz
L-Q Lisa Connell
R-Z Cynthia Barrett

Counselors Alpha Assistance

Last Name Alpha

Counselors Name

A-Cap Janelle Appleby
Car-Ei Kellie Buenrostro
El-G Shanna Hewgley
H-Lon Elizabeth Ramos
Lop-M Orlando Matta
N-Re Darrell Clarke
Rh-Sto Nanette Valdez-Yzaguirre
Str-Z Kristina Holder



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