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Boy's Athletics

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If your child is interested in trying out for a sport next year, or is enrolled in 7th or 8th grade athletics, there is mandatory paperwork that must be completed before they can be eligible to participate.  


An athlete cannot try out for a sport before completing ALL UIL paperwork found on the parent portal. (link below)



All incoming 7th graders or any student that did not have a medical physical last year MUST complete a medical physical and give a copy to the head coach on their campus.  The physical form can be printed from the parent portal, or from the links provided at the bottom of this information sheet. The medical history form must be completed online.  Print the completed medical history and the physical form and take both of those papers with you to the doctor when you get your physical. Make a copy of the medical physical and turn it into the head coach.  You do not need to turn in medical history, but must complete it online.



If an athlete has a physical on file from last year, it is not required for them to complete another medical physical.  However, they MUST log in to the parent portal and complete all required paperwork online.  The medical history must also be completed online. (Athletes do not need to bring a copy of the medical history to their coach, after completing it online.The Head Coach will review it and approve it online. If another physical is needed to be cleared, the coach will let you know.  Incoming 9th graders:  medical history will be reviewed by the high school trainer. If another physical is required in order to be cleared, the trainer will let you know.) 


*Rank One Parent Portal Information/Instruction Sheet

*Physical Form

*Asthma Action Plan (Required for students diagnosed with asthma.)

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