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Special Olympics

Special Olympics

The Northside Adapted Physical Education and Special Olympics staff is housed in Building B of the Nellie M. Reddix Center.

The staff is comprised of:

Lead Specialist, Shawn Settles, M.Ed., CAPE. 

Instructional Assistant and Department Secretary, Tara Cody

16 Adapted Physical Education Specialists:

  • Erick Contreras 
  • Angie Cranham, CAPE. 
  • Timothy Cox
  • Eduardo Esquivel
  • Michael Garza
  • Ann Harris
  • Jacqueline Siller
  • Julie Jewell
  • Audrey Ollendieck
  • Raymond Reyes
  • Ashley Sanchez, M.Ed., CAPE.
  • Lisa Snyder
  • Lacy Way
  • Paul Zuniga
  • Melanie Petrash


The goal of Northside Special Olympics is to provide training and competition in a variety of sports to students with developmental delays. It is through comprehensive training and quality competitions that athletes are able to develop physical fitness improve skills and set realistic, meaningful, challenging and attainable goals.



In 1969, Special Olympics-Northside was founded on the belief that athletes, with instruction and encouragement, learn to enjoy and benefit from their participation in sports. In addition, we also believe that:

  • Every athlete, regardless of ability can succeed and even excel in sports.
  • The success that our athletes experience can aid in the development of self-confidence and enhance a positive self-image.
  • Each athlete is an individual with different skills, ideas, attitudes and interests.
  • The accomplishments and positive attitudes that are developed through sports training and competition can affect performance in the classroom, at home and community.


Focus of the Program

The focus of the program in Northside is to introduce the world of Special Olympics and competition to our athletes in a supportive environment that enables them to reach their fullest potential.



Persons are eligible for Special Olympics provided they are 8 years of age or older and have been identified by an agency or professional as having an intellectual disability or having a closely related developmental disability such as those who have functional limitations, both in general learning and adaptive skills such as recreation, work, independent living, self-direction, or self-care.

Due to the size of our delegation, we provide District level events only. If you are interested in Area or State competition, please call the office of Area Special Olympics at (210) 530-9898.

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