Kindness club sitting on the steps of sul ross middle school.

Food and Drinks During Lunches

Reminder about Food and Drinks During Lunches

• Food and drinks may only be consumed in the cafeteria. These items may not be taken to any outside area.

• Clean up after yourself.

• No food deliveries by Uber eats or other companies. These items will be returned to the delivery driver.

• Parents may join their child for lunch. Visitors must sign in and receive a visitor’s pass before coming into the cafeteria. Parents may bring lunch to their children; however, parents may not bring lunch for other students. To ensure that other students do not feel uncomfortable or left out, parents who bring outside food and drinks should eat lunch with their children at a designated table in the cafeteria. The parent or guardian may drop outside food off for their child and must report to the front office. Outside food may not be shared with other students.

• No celebrations are permitted in the cafeteria (e.g. birthdays).

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