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Dress Code 2020-2021


In order to promote a safe and positive school environment, Northside ISD has approved a mandatory uniform policy for ALL students at Sul Ross Middle School. The student’s uniform must fit properly and should not display any profanity, obscenity, gang graffiti, or logos of any kind. A student will not be permitted to attend class if his/her uniform is out of compliance with the Sul Ross uniform policy. If you have any questions regarding the uniform please contact a campus administrator. The campus administrator will make the final decision on any questionable garment.



The following guidelines apply to SLACKS OR PANTS:

  • The campus required khaki pants for boys and khaki pants or skirts for girls.
  • Pants should be cotton or cotton polyester twill.
  • Students must wear pants. Shorts or sweat pants are NOT allowed.
  • No velvet, fleece, stretch materials, jeggings or convertible/rip-aways.
  • No bell bottoms, extra wide legs, “baggies,” or hip huggers.
  • No sagging in seat, dragging at hem or bagging in pant legs or waist (excess should not exceed 3 inches in slack width or 1 inch in waist). Pants that do not fit at the waist will be considered in violation of dress code.
  • No tight form fitting pants.
  • No large logos or designs (small trademark tags are allowed.)


The following guidelines apply to BELTS:

  • Belt buckles must be standard-sized.
  • Belts will be optional as long as pants fit properly at the waist.
  • Belts should not have an excess of length (no more than a four-inch overlap).
  • Belts deemed to be a safety hazard or inappropriate for school will not be allowed (i.e., spikes are not permitted).
  • Any belt overlap must be contained in the belt loops, with no loose ends hanging down.
  • Suspenders and overalls are not allowed.


The following guidelines apply to SHIRTS:

  • Shirt may be long or short sleeve polo-style with a collar. School-sponsored shirts are allowed on approved days.
  • 6th grade wears Black collared shirts, 7th grade wears Yellow collared shirts and 8th grade wears Green collared shirts.
  • Shirts must be long enough to remain tucked in and be made of a material that is thick enough not to be “see through.”
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times when a student is on the Sul Ross campus. Students are expected to have their shirts tucked in from the moment they arrive on campus in the morning until they are completely off campus in the afternoon. This includes extra-curricular events, i.e. athletic events, band contests, club meetings, or any other function that is on the Sul Ross campus.
  • Oversized shirts over the uniform are not acceptable. Tight or form-fitted shirts are not acceptable. Upper and lower body garments are not to expose undergarments.
  • The fabric may be textured (pique) or smooth.
  • Undershirts must be black, white, gray, green or gold (school colors) with no visible markings. Undershirts may be worn under the uniform polo style shirt.
  • No stickers or buttons may be worn on the uniform.


The following guidelines apply to SKIRTS:

  • No skirt should be any higher than FOUR (4) inches above the middle of the kneecap (measured with the student standing). There should be no slit, cut, or other opening in the skirt that extends beyond the four-inch limit.
  • Skirts may be of any length below the knee, provided they do not have inappropriate slits or openings, which would create a distraction. (Ex: splits upward to the thigh or buttocks)
  • SKORTS are not allowed.
  • Wrap-around skirts are not permitted.
  • Skirts may be pleated, full or long; however, tight-fitting skirts are not permitted.
  • No velvet, fleece, or stretch materials.


The following guidelines apply to JACKETS and COLD WEATHER ATTIRE:

  • All outerwear must be solid green, solid yellow, and solid black zipper/button jackets may be worn in addition to the uniforms as long as the shirt is visible. No Pullovers or sweatshirts are allowed.
  • Logos, decals, designs, or non-school issued insignias are not permitted on the outerwear (this does not include small trademark labels.)
  • Hats and hoods may not be worn inside the building.


The following guidelines apply to SHOES:

  • Shoes must not have steel toes or cleats.
  • No flip flops, strapless sandals, mules, house shoes or other types of slip on shoes.
  • Shoes with heels should not exceed 1-1/2 inches in height.
  • Other shoes deemed a safety hazard by administration will not be allowed.


OTHER dress code guidelines include the following:

  • Hats, headgear and bandannas are not to be worn on campus. Sunglasses are not to be worn inside the building.
  • Hair must be neat, clean, and clear of the eyes. Unconventional colored multi-colored (i.e., green, purple, blue, fire red, etc.), etched designs, spiked, or Mohawk or Faux-hawk hair styles are not permitted.
  • Clothing with holes, rips, and tears will not be permitted.
  • Designs on clothing or jewelry should not reflect or suggest gangs, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, sex, weapons, or unhealthy messages.
  • Gang related colors and ornaments are prohibited. No gang related graffiti is allowed on school property, personal items, clothing, or skin, including backpacks.
  • Wallet chains, dog collars and large neck chains are prohibited due to safety concerns.
  • Body piercings and grills are prohibited. Spiked earrings are not permitted. Tattoos must not be visible at any time while on campus
  • Skin should be free of writing and stickers.

In order for a student to attend class, his/her attire must comply with the uniform policy. Parents will be contacted to provide proper attire should their child arrive at school and not be in compliance with the school’s uniform policy. Persistent noncompliance with the uniform policy will lead to disciplinary action.


Dress Code Expectations

Students will be expected to dress appropriately (i.e., NISD dress code) at all school functions. . Any violation of the uniform policy or dress code will result in administrative action. The principal may review requests for exceptions.

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