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Every day, in every MS ELA classroom, every learner will experience opportunities to develop lifelong literacy and critical thinking skills in an engaging environment that fosters respect, choice, and collaboration.

The English Language Arts department serves to equip and guide students in developing critical thinking, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through student-centered, engaging learning activities.

Through their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade ELA courses, students will craft and analyze texts, participate in discussion( civil discourse) and inquiry, and sharpen learning and thinking skills that they’ll apply across contexts, in-and-out of school settings. Our Advanced ELA courses offer students an additional level of academic challenge in literary analysis and text complexity to prepare them for Advanced Placement English courses in high school.

In 8th grade, students will explore their learning preferences and abilities, set goals, and determine healthy ways for managing time, stress, and success through our Methodology for Academic & Personal Success course, and they’ll become more effective communicators through our Communication Applications course. Each course, successfully completed, provides students with ½ high school course credit. 

*students who have elected to take AVID 1 are exempt from these courses 

Bailey, Michele 7th, 8th, and Journalism
Baker, Marisela 7th and 8th
Barron, Suzanne 6th
Beach, Deja 6th and 8th
Cardenas, Stephanie 6th and 8th
Carr, David 7th and 8th
Clary-Carpenter, Ashley All Grades
Garza, Alessandra 6th and 8th
Hall, Gail 7th and 8th
Medina, Aceneth 7th and 8th
Pacheco, Cynthia All Grades
Price, Adriana 8th
Ramos, Jodi 6th (ELA Coordinator)
San Miguel, Cathy 7th and 8th
Thompson, Jackie 6th
Watson, Denise 8th
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