Stevenson front office sign in desk decorated with student art.

Stevenson Middle School Grading Policy

Late Work

When students fail to turn in an assignment on the due date, the teacher will mark a “m” for missing in the grade book which constitutes a zero for the assignment. The students, with the exception of those with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 plan with an extended time accommodation, will have three days to turn in the completed assignment upon notification of the missing assignment. Students can earn the maximum grade of:

One day late – 85

Two days late – 80

Three days late – 75

Low Grades

Students have the opportunity to make-up summative assessments (testing category grades) if they fulfill the retest preparation requirements which will include at least one tutoring session and do so within five-seven days of receiving the original grade. The retest will be different than the original in order to uphold the integrity of the assessment. Students will be granted the higher grade with no penalty.

CDB (Curriculum Diagnostic Benchmark) Grading

  •  All subject areas may only count a district CDB in the formative (daily) grading category. Students cannot take CDBs over for a higher grade, but teachers may conduct a re-teach which could result in a higher grade for students.
  •  All subject areas must have at least two summative assessments and not more than three.

Teacher Expectations

  •  A minimum of two grades per week with a total of no less than twelve grades per six-week cycle.
  •  A minimum of six grades by progress report with at least one grade in each category.
  •  There will be no fewer than 12 grades and no more than 15.

Grade Categories

  • History, Spanish, PE, Fine Arts, CATE courses: 50% formative and 50% summative
  • ELA and Math courses: 40% formative and 60% summative
  • Science: 20% formative, 40% summative, and 40% labs

*Students taking Art, FCS, Tech Ed, Band, Choir, Orchestra, or Theater

Retakes will not be allowed in art, FCS, and Tech Ed for the following reasons:

  • Major grade projects can range from one week to over a month and are solely done in class. Students are permitted, even encouraged, to come in on their own time to work on their project, if necessary, to complete it by the specified due date. NOTE: Students need to use their time wisely in class to be successful.)
  • When work is done outside of school, we cannot guarantee that work redone is original.
  • Unique materials that require teacher prep time is difficult to prepare for one child.

Retakes for Band, Choir, Orchestra or Theater will entail a performance-based activity where students will be graded on the standards/expectations set forth by the teacher. This activity will look different in each class, but it will be relayed to the students in advance. **When test grades are vocabulary or written work, they WILL BE allowed to do retakes during tutoring, as these do not

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