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Stevenson Personal Electronic Device Policy

Stevenson Personal Electronic Device Policy


Campus Common Area

● Social media and camera use is not allowed on campus.

● Personal electronics can be used by students: ○ Before school in the cafeteria and grade level areas ○ During lunch in the cafeteria and courtyard area.

● While using electronics during designated times, students must use headphones or keep device on silent. Speakers are not allowed.

● During passing periods, personal electronic devices including earbuds (wired or wireless) must be wrapped and put away.

Locker Room

Electronic devices are not allowed in the locker room during PE classes. Devices must be secured in assigned hallway lockers.


Each teacher will have an individual policy set for his/her classroom. The policy will be provided to students and parents as well as posted in the classroom.

Progressive Consequences for Policy Violations


First Offense: Teacher picks up phone for remainder of the class period.

Second Offense: Teacher picks up phone for remainder of the class period and parent contact.

Third Offense: Phone is confiscated for parent pick up after school in the VPO.

Upon the third parent pickup, students will lose electronic device privileges for five school days. If this happens, students may turn in electronic devices to the VPO at the start of the day and collect after the last bell or they may leave their device at home.

Campus Common Areas

Any electronic device confiscated in the common areas will be turned in to the office for student pick up at the end of the day. Multiple offenses will result in additional consequences.

Special note: Refusal to surrender electronic device to any faculty or staff member due to a violation will automatically result in loss of personal electronic device privileges on campus for five school days.

All personal devices are subject to Northside Acceptable Use Policy while on campus.

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