Summer Reading

The goal of the Summer Reading Program is to engage ALL students in rigorous, high interest novels (chapter books) of THEIR choice.  The key to broadening our love for reading is through pleasure and interest. Throughout the summer, students will actively read a novel and participate in a reading/writing connection activity within the first grading period.

Summer Reading is Required For all ELA Pre-Ap students. All other students are strongly encouraged to participate. 

Select a book (chapter book) of your choice on your grade level from your home, public library, online, or anywhere you find books!  You MAY NOT select a picture book, or a book that you have read, or a book that was taught in your previous ELA classes. Summer reading novels need to be read by the end of August 2020.

Novel Choices: we have developed a list of suggested authors and popular novel lists you can pick from.

Don’t forget to ask family members, friends, and teachers for novels to read. 



      Jason Reynolds            Jeanne Duprau

      Sandra Cisneros           Lynda Hunt 

      Stephanie Meyer          Suzanne Collins

      Marissa Meyer              Neal Shusterman

      Veronica Roth              Gordon Korman

      John Green                  Joan Lowery Nixon

      Ally Condie                   Lois Duncan

      Lauren Oliver               Robert Lipsyte

      J.K. Rowling                 Rick Riordan

      Gary Paulsen               Kamkwamba & Mealer

      Markus Zusak              Carl Deuker

      Alex London                Tim Green

      Sarah Dessen              Sharon Draper

      Caroline Cooney         Ann M. Martin

      Jerry Spinelli               James Patterson          



There are no required assignments/projects for students to do during the summer for their novel.  However, when students return to school next year, their ELA teacher will have some reading/writing connection assignments for them to complete to cover the concepts of their novel.  These will be graded as formative daily grades, and could include news reports, cartoon/comic strips, brochures/pamphlets, webquests, illustrations, plot/character analysis, etc.

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