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Updated Technology Usage Policy At Stinson


Stinson Parents/Guardians:

As we begin the second nine weeks, we would like to update you on a new practice regarding school-issued Chromebooks.  Effective Monday, October 18th, students who have lost their school-issued Chromebook charger will be charged $30 for a replacement.

During registration, you were provided with a link to the student handbook and, by opting to receive an NISD device, agreed to the Northside Technology Lending Agreement.

If you would like to purchase the replacement on your own from Amazon or a local retailer you are welcome to do so.  The charger needs to be a USB-C 45-WATT POWER ADAPTER/CHARGER.

If you chose to purchase your own, at the end of the year you may turn in the charger that you purchased OR keep the charger you purchased and pay the $30 fee for the lost charger.

Regarding the actual Chromebooks, we understand that wear and tear on a device is normal and expected. In the event that a student has been careless on one or more occasions, or causes intentional damage to a device, Admin may provide consequences as outlined in the student handbook.

CONSEQUENCES FOR INAPPROPRIATE USE include but are not limited to:

● Suspension of access to the District’s Technology Resources;

● Revocation of the District’s Technology Resources account(s); and/or

● Other appropriate disciplinary or legal action in accordance with the student handbook(s) and applicable laws.

In addition, the guardian will be charged a replacement fee before the student is issued another device OR the guardian can choose to OPT-OUT and provide the student with a personal device.

Use this form to opt out (decline). You can also sign in to request a district device later at anytime.

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We thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

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