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Languages Other Than English

All students should be encouraged to take a world language to begin to meet the demands of a multilingual, multicultural nation. The youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. They will be faced with local, national, and international problems which they must be ready to meet and solve.

In order to begin to prepare future leaders, Northside Independent School District students have the choice of selecting from four languages: French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Students should start language learning as early as possible and continue for as long as possible in order to become proficient in the language. In addition to developing proficiency, students will develop a cultural awareness of other nationalities and broaden their intellectual capacities.

Students will have the opportunity to enroll in several levels of language classes from I-VI and may take regular, pre-AP, and/or Advanced Placement classes. Spanish speakers will have the opportunity to continue the study of their native language in order to enhance their Spanish speaking skills just as English speakers continue with their English studies. With the opportunity to begin language study in middle school, students may continue the same language in the advanced levels or they are encouraged to begin the study of another world language whenever possible.

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