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News From Our Tomlinson PTA!

Exciting times! Important work! Amazing partnerships!

Exciting times! Important work! Amazing partnerships!

***NEW....our PTA is participating in the National PTA School of Excellence program. This process requires feedback from our families. A survey was sent home. Please complete and return the survey to your child's teacher by the end of October.


We welcome our 2022-2023 PTA Board.

President - Holly Esquivel 

Treasurer - Jodi Lyssy 

Secretary - Monica Gonzalez 

1st VP Membership - Lisa Farzad

2nd VP Fundraising - Samantha Boots 

3rd VP Programs - Alli Stehower 


We also welcome those serving in the following appointed positions:

Historian/Parliamentarian - Nora De La Torre

Room Parent Coordinator - Jessica Requejo

Hospitality - Tiffani Nair


Are you a dad looking to get involved? Our WatchDOGS are hard at work! If you are interested in being part of this great program on campus, please reach out to our coach, Jaime Garcia.


ALWAYS WANTED! Great parents who want to be part of making Tomlinson the best it can be for our students and families. It's never too late to volunteer. Complete your background check!

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