Magnet Programming Overview

The fall of 2021, Zachry Magnet School will welcome its inaugural class of 6th grade students into a unique program of study focused on Global Communications, Cybersecurity, and Information Technology. The Zachry Magnet School program of study prepares our students with a global perspective of our community and the ever changing world of technology and cybersecurity. Exclusive to Zachry Magnet school, core curriculum will align with the Career and Technology Education (CTE) courses in Global Communications, Cybersecurity and Information Technology. The three-year curriculum specifically designed for our program include CTE, ELA, and Social Studies with a strong Project Based Learning (PBL) component. 

Our Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses include Career and Leadership Investigations, Principles of Information Technology, Professional Communications, and Digital Forensics. These courses will focus on the career pathways of the magnet program and expose them to the high school programs of study in Cybersecurity and Web Development. Students will study contemporary issues and perspectives on leadership while enhancing their skills in computer literacy and emerging technologies in the global marketplace. Students will engage in opportunities to practice professional communication while analyzing activity on computers, networks, programs, and data. 

The English Language Arts (ELA) courses include Global Literacy: Multicultural Literature, Cross-Cultural Perspectives, and Inquiry and Discovery. These courses will focus on connecting with characters in literature or with real people across the world, study how information is exchanged verbally, non-verbally, as well as face to face, and emphasise the inquiry process in the contexts of interests and future careers. 

The unique Social Studies courses are just as innovative as ELA and CTE. Students will study people, places, and societies of the contemporary world. Understanding the importance of global acceptance and civic virtues of political, social, economic, and geographic dynamics of our community, Texas, and the US. Students will examine the influence of individuals and groups as well as identify the technological impact on various societies.

The remainder of the magnet students schedules will be aligned with the high quality learning at H.B. Zachry Middle School including multiple Pre-AP courses and enhanced opportunities to earn high school credit. Students in the magnet program will benefit from elective courses, athletics, and other extracurricular activities available on campus. Transportation is provided to eligible NISD students admitted to the Zachry Magnet School.


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