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The application and admission process for Communications Arts High School occurs each school year, from January through March (with applications typically due in February), for enrollment in the following August. Admission is available only through this process.

Application forms will be available from the guidance counselors at each middle school or junior high school throughout the Northside Independent School District. When recruiting starts in January 2016, applications can also be obtained by calling our school at (210) 397-6043 in, or you will be able to download an application by clicking on the following links:


Students who desire to apply should see their current school counselor. To be considered for admission to Communications Arts High School, students must:

  • be successfully completing the eighth or ninth grade;
  • have a grade point average of "C" or better;
  • have good conduct and attendance records; and
  • aspire to excellence in communications.

Materials to Be Submitted:

  • The CAHS Student Application must be completed and returned to your current school counselor.
  • Submit a handwritten short essay or a 5 minute video (on mini-DV cassette, or as an .AVI, .MOV, .MPG, .MP4 file on a CD or DVD) entitled, "What distinguishes me from my peers and why I want to attend CAHS." (Submitted videos cannot be returned.)
  • The counselor will attach an official copy of the student transcript and forward it to CAHS for review by the CAHS Admissions/Screening Committee.
  • Transcripts should include middle school PRC and standardized test results.