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Teens in the Drivers Seat projects:


And the Winner Is by Jordan B., Jessica D., Josh H., Marquee J., Mauro V.

Common Sense by Azrael D., Jayme G., Promise J., Mary M., Cameron V., Mariah V.

Double Dog Dare by Alan D., Matt L., Justin N., Aziz S.

Driving: It's Not Rocket Science by Jade B., Kate F., Sonia H., Angie J., Loriann M., Ale S.

I Can't Let You Do That (First Place Winner, $2000 prize), by Josué C., Daron S., David S., Miranda W.

Like Father, Like Son (Student Choice Award, $100 prize) by David S., Ronson S., Tyler G., Anna L., Hector L., Cooper W.

On My Way by Caleb T., Megan S., Aleks T., Ysenia V., Darcie D., Anthony P.

To Overcome by Josh G., Michael H., Michael K., Damon S.


I Am a Teenage Driver by Shane L. & Nico W.

Click Today by Nico W., Alex C. & Bria F.

Don't Let Technology Make You Extinct by Amanda R. & Braden S.

Don't Count Sheep In Your Seat by Elyse F. & Gaby P.