Creating a Template E-mail Message

  Do you find yourself typing the same email message over and over? Well STOP, here is a better way...

Figure 1

Figure 2


In the GroupWise Windows client do the following:

  1. Select File|New|Mail as if you are composing a new message

  2. Fill in the subject of the message

  3. Fill in the message body

  4. From the view that you are composing the message in, select File|Save View

  5. Make sure to save the *.VEW file as a "Custom View with Text". You can save the *.VEW file wherever you would like, the Windows desktop works just fine as shown in Figure 2.
  6. On your desktop you should now see the template as shown in figure 3.

  7. Now, all you have to do is make sure GroupWise is open and when you need to use the template just go to your desktop and double click it fill in the TO: and it's ready to be sent.