May Day Poetry Award Winners

When the War Ends


Ways of life destroyed,

Houses still ablaze

Enter into this hell

Nowhere are you safe.


Thousands of lives taken,

Hunger fills the land

Everyone at the mercy of chaos’ hand


Wives without husbands

All now live in fear,

Reminiscing on lost friends.


Eventually peace will come,

Now when will that day be?

Deliver us from this desolation,

Safe and sound we’ll be.

                                                                    J. Brown


Metal and Wood


It waits by the garage door, adventurous and old.

With streaks of gray on its white and black deck

scarred from tricks at the park.

Trying to execute a varial kick, spinning and flipping

on the sidewalk.


I scratched the deck.

Battle scarred.


Now it is night.

I am in bed listening – the ceiling fan whirring – all night.

My skateboard, my time machine, making time go fast.

Alone in the dark.


Relaxed, tired, I am my skateboard.

Battle scarred.

I have a beating heart, it makes my heart beat faster.

My skateboard makes me strong, when I choose

to ride it.


More than metal and wood,

I am more…


                                                               Y. Fuentes