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Student Council

Danny Foster
Meeting Time/Location
3pm-4pm on the first Tuesday of the month, additional times when needed


Ralph Langley Student Council (StuCo)


The Ralph Langley Student Council (StuCo) is a student centered school leadership organization.  The Langley StuCo is comprised of duly elected Fourth and Fifth Grade students. They are elected by their peers to represent them, speak on their behalves, and act for them.  Each Fourth Grade classroom elects one representative and each Fifth Grade classroom elects two representatives.  

Over the years our StuCo has proven to be an effective means for developing student leaders.  We have raised and delivered thousands of dollars for charity. We have organized, collected, and distributed tens of thousands of food items to the less fortunate within our community.  Moreover, our StuCo has learned to solve real problems, acted responsibly on behalf of our entire campus, and led the way. Our StuCo representatives are empowered and positive role models who exemplify leadership. 

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