Magnet Schools

Magnet schools are traditional public schools, accountable to the state and the local school board, offering a specific academic focus along with the standard core curriculum. They are named “magnets” because applications are open to students from across school zone boundaries.

High Schools

Communications Arts

Communications Arts High School promotes rigorous, foundational learning in a personal, supportive environment, developing skills in communications and technology, emphasizing collaborative choice and fluidity between disciplines, creating global citizens and leaders.

Programs of Study:

Construction Careers Academy

Construction Careers Academy provides an advanced and rigorous curriculum with a focus on construction technology, construction management, architectural design, applied engineering and real-world experience that will prepare students for studies in higher education and/or a career in a construction related industry.

Programs of Study:

Health Careers

Health Career High School equips students to serve their communities with compassion, integrity, and excellence by engaging them with a rigorous and comprehensive academic program focused on an exploration of health professions and real-world applications of medical knowledge and skills.

Programs of Study:

John Jay Science & Engineering Academy

John Jay Science & Engineering Academy provides students of diverse backgrounds an advanced and rigorous curriculum in all core subjects with a focus on Science, Engineering, Mathematics and technology that shows real-world relevance and will prepare them for further study in higher education and their chosen careers.

Programs of Study:

Marshall Law & Medical Services

The Marshall Law and Medical Services Magnet School creates a safe, risk-taking environment for students that models and fosters effective communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.  Our students will be prepared with practical knowledge and skills with strands of study within Public Services: Criminal Justice, Court Systems, Behavioral Health, EMT, Fire Science, Legal Governance, Public Administration, PreNursing, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy. 

Programs of Study:


NSITE High School is San Antonio's premier business and technology magnet school, offering cutting edge Cybersecurity, Programming and Software Development, and Entrepreneurship curricula.  NSITE provides unique learning experiences by fostering a spirit of innovation and problem-solving through high quality instruction and specialized courses focused on technology applications, business principles, and project-based learning. 

Programs of Study:

Agriculture Academy

Agriculture Science & Technology Academy provides a hands-on, rigorous education that will equip students for their postsecondary choices.  We will focus on responsibility, integrity and leadership development through our courses by providing students real world experiences in the fields of Agribusiness, Animal & Plant Sciences, Agricultural Engineering, Environmental & Natural Resources and Veterinary Medicine.

Programs of Study:

CAST Teach High School

The Northside ISD CAST Teach High School presents a unique opportunity to develop and empower its students, so that they in turn, as future educators, have a bigger impact on generations to come. Opening in August of 2022, the CAST Teach High School will not only ensure students have a strong foundation in educational practices, it will also provide experiences in schools - side by side with mentor educators, coaches, counselors, and librarians.

Middle Schools

Jones Magnet

Jones Magnet School creates authentic learning experiences whereby students come to think like engineers and scientists.  Every student will be exposed to the world of STEM careers.  Every student will have opportunities to explore their passions and curiosities.  Every student will have highly prepared and motivated teachers.  Every student will have access to world class facilities and resources.

Zachry Magnet

At Zachry Magnet School, we are building a community culture of learning, with experiences to enhance the understanding of global communications, cyber security, and information technology.

Magnet Schools

Jones Magnet 1256 Pinn Rd, San Antonio TX, 78227 210-397-2230 Michella Wheat
Zachry Magnet 9410 Timber Path, San Antonio TX, 78250 210-397-7490
Communications Arts 11600 Culebra Road, San Antonio TX 78253 210-397-6043 Dr. Lisa Baker
Construction Careers Academy 9411 Military Drive West, San Antonio, Texas 78251 (210) 397-4294 James Mears
Health Careers 4646 Hamilton Wolfe, San Antonio TX, 78229 210-397-5400 Jay Sumpter
John Jay Science and Engineering Academy 7611 Marbach Rd, San Antonio TX, 78227 210-397-2773 Crystal Mitchell
Marshall Law and Medical Services 8000 Lobo Lane San Antonio, TX, 78240 210-397-7194 Margaret Bray
NSITE 6500 Ingram Rd, San Antonio TX, 78238 210-397-7070 Brad Hebert
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