Where does my child go?

Northside ISD assigns students to schools according to the street address where the student resides. Our Boundaries and Buses Information System will provide you with the name and address of the schools serving your area. Just enter the student’s street number and street name to search for school assignment, bus route information, and any future Board adopted boundary changes.

For general boundary information, attendance area maps for each elementary, middle & high schools are listed on the campus sites.

Station Contacts & Maps

Culebra Station map - 7001 Culebra Rd., Building 5 - (210) 397-0275

North Station map - 6323 W. Hausman Rd. - (210) 397-0850

Rhodes Center map - 12005 Leslie Rd. - (210) 397-0900

South Station map - 435 Hunt Lane - (210) 397-0250

McClung Station map - 14173 Old FM 471 - (210) 398-1550

Northside ISD Bus Stations

Northside School District covers a vast area of approximately 355 square miles. We provide transportation for our students most efficiently by utilizing a multiple bus station concept.

This reduces "deadhead mileage" which is the distance from each bus facility to the first student pick up location and from the last student drop off back to the bus facility. We receive no state funding for deadhead mileage.

By dispatching buses from five different bus station locations, we significantly reduce district-wide per-mile operational costs.

School Boundaries

Because NISD continues to experience rapid enrollment growth, school boundaries change frequently. Boundary changes may occur when a new school opens or when a boundary change is necessary between existing schools. After reviewing an administrative boundary proposal and conducting public hearings, a School Boundary Advisory Committee, composed of citizens who reside in the District, recommends the school boundaries to the Board. Attendance areas for District schools are adopted by the Board. Approved boundary changes are posted on the Boundaries and Buses Information System effective for future school years.

Read the Boundary Change Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment Caps

At the elementary school level, schools are organized into clusters. It is possible that space may not be available at the assigned campus. Please contact the individual schools for registration information. In the event space is not available, the student will receive transportation to a nearby, designated cluster campus. At middle and high schools, any campuses closed to enrollment (capped) will be indicated on the school assignment information pages (results of a search by address).

Transfer School Assignment

You may contact the Office of Student Advocacy and School Choice at (210) 397-8695 or review the Student-Parent Handbook sections titled Intradistrict Transfers and Continued Enrollment (page D-6) for District policy information regarding transfers

Route Management

Regular Routes: The District has established certain criteria to determine the use of various locations for bus stops within District boundaries. While each route composition is unique, the typical walk-to-bus stop distances are:

Walk to bus stop distance

Pre-K, Kinder and Elementary - 0.35 miles

Middle / High School - 0.50 miles

Note: The distances above do not apply to students attending magnet schools. Students attending magnet schools must obtain transportation information from the magnet campus.


Northside School District provides transportation students that reside within the NISD boundaries and lives more than two miles away from their assigned home campus or for which there is a certified hazardous situation noted in compliance with TEC, Section 42.155. Hazardous areas are exempt this provision but are annually reviewed for accessible walk-ways.

Students will not be permitted to have "fluctuating schedules." This means that students will not be permitted to have certain days of the week on which to pick-up or drop-off at one location, and then another location the rest of the week. Fluctuating schedules introduce too much of a risk for safety to the student by the driver delivering the student to the wrong location.

Special Needs Transportation

Students eligible for special needs transportation will be contacted regarding transportation information.


Students enrolled in the Pre-Kindergarten program must obtain transportation information from their campus.

Parent Responsibility

Parents must assume the responsibility for their students traveling back and forth from home to the bus stop.

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