Summer Learning

NISD Summer Learning

Summer – A Time to Shine!

Learning never ends, regardless of age, and in Northside ISD our learning options are equally varied. The spring semester was certainly unique, so we are expanding our traditional summer school to reach more students through our NISD Summer Academies. 

Whether you want to catch up in your studies, strengthen your skills, learn something new, or try to get ahead, Summer 2020 is your time to shine!

Northside ISD is offering both Elementary and Secondary Online Summer opportunities during the summer months. Some classes will also be held on campuses.

Northside ISD is offering programs in a way that keeps students and staff safe. The following safety measures will be in place when students are in a classroom:

  • Small class sizes; students/desks will remain 6-feet apart
  • No sharing of materials/supplies
  • Face coverings required for all adults and students
  • Daily student/teacher screenings
  • Grab/Go Breakfast and Lunch in the classroom

Elementary Summer Offerings

Northside ISD is proud to offer virtual, in-person, and hybrid summer learning opportunities for current PK-5 students. The summer offerings provide PK-5 students with continued summer learning to remediate, engage, and enrich students in meaningful learning experiences. 

The following programs are available to all current PK-5 students. Families can contact the campus for more information.

Click here for campus phone numbers.




Dates and Times

Registration Dates and Information

Project School

Students will attend in-person at one of the identified summer cluster sites for 1-2 days and participate virtually 3-4 days each week. Campuses will communicate designated days for in-person learning by June 25. Fun and engaging lessons will center around one project during the three week period.

July 6-July 24



May 29-June 5


The campus will contact families about registration by June 5.


At-Home Learning

Students will follow the schedule and resources designed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Students have the option to participate virtually or receive mailed paper packets (English or Spanish) directly from TEA.

Four weeks of resources that are self-paced and available anytime in June and July

May 29-June 5

For virtual participation, please register on anytime after June 22.

For mailed paper packets, families will receive packets directly from TEA. Please allow two weeks for delivery.


The campus will contact families about registration by June 5.

Learning Tree Summer Camps

Daily schedule will include S.T.E.M. and Makerspace activities, digital learning, and outdoor and indoor recreation; all staff will be following CDC health and safety guidelines throughout the day.

LT Summer Camp flyer

June 22-Aug. 14 from 7:15 a.m. to 5:3 p.m. at Beard, Cole, Driggers, Fields, Kallison, and Rhodes elementary schools

May 29-June 5

Details found by clicking here

Additional Learning Experiences for PreK-2nd grade students

June Calendars

July Calendars

PreK and K Learning Sessions (streamed every Tuesday and Thursday)

Elementary Summer Learning Flyer (English)

Elementary Summer Learning Flyer (Spanish)

Middle School Summer Offerings

Middle school summer programming is designed for students to re-engage and re-connect through various programs and learning experiences. Offerings are designed to strengthen content and skills, accelerate coursework or to encourage students to engage in enrichment activities through Fine Arts, AVID, Athletics and Career and Technical opportunities.  In addition, students attending the Jones STEM Magnet in the fall can participate in an introductory summer camp program.  Most programs are for specific groups of students.  Campus administration or counselors will contact families about participation and registration. 

How to register:

There is no cost to attend most middle school summer programs; however, some programs are by invitation and some are open enrollment. Each middle school campus will contact their families about student registration.

Families are encouraged to contact the campus for more information

Click here for campus phone numbers.




Dates and Times

Registration Information

Credit Acceleration for Advancement in High School Courses

Rising 8th grade students may take the following high school credit courses for acceleration:

  • Street Law (½ credit)
  • Psychology (½ credit)
  • Personal Financial Literacy (½ credit)

Learning Model:  Virtual.


Cost: $100 per student


Grade and credit earned are included on the high school transcript and in the GPA calculation.  These courses are regular courses and are not eligible for weighted GPA points.  


Middle school counselor approval is needed to ensure courses align to the high school graduation plan.

Session 1: 

Days (M-Th)

June 22-July 14 

(13 days of instruction)

Time: 8:00-4:00




Session 2: 

Days (M-Th)

July 15-August 5

(13 days of instruction)

Time: 8:00-4:00 

June 8 and 9


Contact the middle school campus counselor for information on the registration process.

Connected for Success Summer School Program


This program is for students who need targeted support as a requirement for promotion to the next grade level.  


Students from Hobby and Pease will attend in-person while all other middle school students will engage in a virtual learning experience. 

July 13-24

Campus administration will contact the student/families.  


Registration will be completed at the campus. 

Texas Home Learning

At-Home Learning is a program designed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide on-going content support through the summer months.  


The program is free for all students and provides four weeks of self-paced daily and weekly learning lessons for all grades and contents that can be accessed virtually or through a downloadable printed packet.  


*Online resources and printed packets are available in both English and Spanish.

June-August 2020

Open to all students. 


To explore online and/or printable paper options please go to and select the appropriate grade level.


Online Option:

After selecting the appropriate grade level, first-time visitors will need to click on the blue bar and complete a one-time set-up to create accounts for digital resources.  


Paper Option:

Click on the following links for quick access to printable pdf packets.  Please make note of the number of pages for each packet prior to printing. 



Sixth    Seventh    Eighth             



Sixth    Seventh    Eighth



High School Summer Offerings

The traditional High School Summer School will not happen this year. High school summer programming is designed to help students who might need to re-engage and re-connect in various programs, as well as those needing to accelerate the accumulation of credits or to retrieve a lost credit. Possible program offerings include basic and accelerated programs, enrichment activities through Fine Arts, AVID, CTE, and other programs. Accelerated Instruction for students who fail an End of Course test will be available tuition-free at each comprehensive high school. Most programs are for specific groups of students. Teachers will contact families about participation and registration. 

How to register:

There is no cost to attend most high school summer programs; however, some programs are by invitation and some are open enrollment. Your campus will contact their families about student registrations. For specific questions, contact your campus. Click here for campus phone numbers.

Summer Registration Dates for High School: June 8-12


Programs Options for students:




Dates and Times



Credit Retrieval/Credit Acceleration


Session 1: June 22-July 14 (holiday July 2-3); 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Session 2: July 15-Aug. 5, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.   

Any student who meets the state’s at-risk criteria and has a need to recover and/or accelerate courses needed for graduation (Seniors are priority)


Credit Acceleration for Advancement

Courses include: Communication Application, World Geography, Personal Financial Literacy, Psychology, Street Law, Advanced Qualitative Reasoning, Integrated Physics, and Chemistry, Health, Government, Economics

Session 1: June 22-July 14 (holiday July 2-3); 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Session 2: July 15-Aug. 5, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. 

Any rising 9th graders should contact their middle school counselor on June 8 or 9, and current 9, 10, & 11-grade students contact their campus counselor to register. Tuition-based, $100 per student.

Any out-of-district students should contact the counseling office at any NISD comprehensive high school to register on June 10.


Summer Reading Lists

You will need to log in via the NISD portal to access the Distance Learning site and the summer reading lists.

Summer Feeding Programs

Northside ISD knows that hunger doesn’t take a break during the summer and will work to meet the nutritional needs of students during the summer months. Hot lunches and breakfasts for the next day are available to children 18 years old and younger at 14 schools.

Distribution Sites: Adams Hill, Burke, Carlos Coon, Carnahan, Driggers, Mary Hull, Mead, and Rhodes elementary schools; Hobby, Jones, Pease, Rayburn, and Zachry middle schools; and Holmes High School

Distribution Dates: Monday, July 6 through Friday, August 21*

Distribution Times: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Process: Meals will be provided in each school’s bus loop. Students do not have to be present to pick up but parents/guardian must show an official letter/email from school listing children enrolled, individual student report card per child, attendance records from school, birth certificate, or student ID card per child. The child does not have to be an NISD student. Food will be placed in the vehicle’s trunk in order to honor social distancing. 

*Keep checking this website for the latest news and updates on Northside’s Summer Feeding Program. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. 

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act includes a benefit called Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT) for children up to age 21 who received free or reduced-price school meals in the 2019-2020 school year but their school is now closed. The child must attend school in Texas to be eligible.

Applications are open until June 30.