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Safety is top priority at Northside ISD!

In Northside, the safety of your student and our staff is one of our top priorities. We regularly review and revise our safety plans and procedures to enhance security. Keeping our schools safe requires continuous work and communication with our students, staff and families. Our approach to safety focuses on three areas – our people, our facilities and technology, and our procedures.

NISD officers


  • More than 100 fully-commissioned and armed law enforcement officers
  • 2 officers at every high school
  • 1 officer at every middle school
  • Elementary clusters with full-time officer patrolling who can respond in minutes
  • Full-time district safety officer
  • Dedicated k-9 officer
  • District and campus threat assessment teams
  • Certified school counselors and health care professionals on staff at each campus
NISD School lobby

Facilities & Technology

  • Bullet-resistant security lobbies
  • Access control technology
  • Single point entry at every elementary school
  • Upgraded and proper-functioning door hardware
  • 8,000+ video surveillance cameras that can be monitored live
  • State-of-the-art NISD Police department communication center
  • Direct communication & collaboration with local law enforcement agencies
  • 24/7 NISD Safeline 
  • Background check system for all visitors


NISD officer dispatcher


  • Established plans and procedures
  • Run Hide Fight active threat training
  • District and campus-specific emergency plans
  • Regular training on emergency plans
  • Scheduled year-round safety drills

Social Media Awareness

Social media can be a valuable tool when used appropriately. Not everything you read on social media is true. Inaccurate or false information spread on social media can be dangerous and disruptive to a school community.

Students who engage in posting or sharing false or hoax reports will be subject to disciplinary and criminal action (possibly a third degree felony).

See Something, Say Something

Report any threats or troubling social media messages

When reporting a social media post, use the following reporting criteria as a guide:

  1. What is the exact threat being made?  (Exact wording, is it towards a person, campus, or facility?)
  2. Who are you?  (A parent, student, employee, neighbor?)
  3. Where did you see the threat or who reported the threat to you?
  4. On which social media platform was the threat posted?  (Are they using Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Next Door, Tiktok, a phone text, etc?) 
  5. What is the profile name, person's name, phone number of the person making the threat? (Try to get all of this information when reporting the post, especially the profile name. If possible, provide a picture of this information?)
  6. Do you know the person who is posting the threat? 

NISD has a 24/7 anonymous tip line where parents or students can report any threats or concerns. SAFELINE (call 210-397-7233 or text

District staff and NISD police take all reports seriously and investigate thoroughly.


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