Theatre Arts

Theatre arts

Beginner Theatre 

Beginning Theatre is an introductory theatre course designed for the student to experience the basic elements of drama. No previous theatre or drama experience is required. Beginning acting and technical theatre techniques will be explored along with the basic skills needed to create a theatrical performance. Prerequisite (PR): None Semesters: 2 HS Credit (CR): 0

Intermediate Theatre

is a more in-depth study of theatre where students continue to build upon skills learned in Theatre 1. Students are introduced to additional skills that are necessary to become a theatre artist. Dramatic structure, acting, and technical elements are expanded in both production and scene studies. Prerequisite (PR): Beginner Theatre Semesters: 2 HS Credit (CR): 0

Advanced Theatre 

Advanced Theatre is an advanced theatre class that requires students to enhance skills learned in Beginning and Intermediate through analysis of theatrical concepts and practices. Students engage in research, creative thinking, problem-solving, and improvisation that are transferred to collaborative production. Prerequisite (PR): Intermediate Theatre Semesters: 2 HS Credit (CR): 0

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