Science Department

6th-grade science

7th grade school year in science students will study lab safety procedures, cells, reproduction and heredity, diversity of living things, living systems, human body systems, Earth's changing surface, and living in space.

8th Grade Science we cover Chemistry concepts (Periodic Table & Atoms), Physics (Force & Motion), Earth Science (Plate Tectonics, Topography & Weather), Astronomy (Moon Phases, Seasons, Star classification and Tides), and Ecology. *** The students take the 8th Grade Science STAAR Exam  

Students are assigned their own consumable textbook that is also available online.  The online textbook is equipped with virtual labs and many additional resources such as the student companion notebook.  Students can even read along in their native language. 

6th, 7th & 8th-grade science offers regular, pre-ap, GT as well as collaborative teaching sections. 


Students are able to participate in many “hands-on” activities/lessons as they are in lab settings 40% of the time.  Interactive notebooks are used heavily and students are engaged at all times as they maneuver through the curriculum. We offer project-based instruction several times a year.
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