Science Department

Welcome to Vale Middle School Science!

The Vale Science Department is dedicated to providing engaging Science curriculum for all Vale students. Our curriculum covers a wide variety of Science disciplines including Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Science, and Biology. We will provide lessons and activities that motivate students to become problem solvers and investigators, good communicators, and accountable team members. The Science Department will implement best practices in lab safety, research, and instruction.  Student learning and content will be based on the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and the NISD Curriculum Framework.


Vale Science by Grade level

6th Grade Science will focus on matter and energy, Earth and space processes, and the environment. This curriculum serves as the foundation for middle school Science and is most directly connected to 8th grade concepts. 6th graders will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on and collaborative activities that help build their learning capacity and in-class social skills.


6th Grade Units

  • Properties of Matter
  • Energy and Resources
  • Force and Motion
  • Earth Processes
  • Organisms and Environment
  • Space

7th Grade Science will focus on Biology concepts, Earth’s surface, living systems, and space exploration. Students will gain an understanding of the human body and its systems, and how our role as organisms shape the environments around us. Additionally, 7th graders will have the unique opportunity to design lab experiments, complete hands-on dissections, and research varying topics. Advanced classes (Pre-AP) are offered 7th Grade Science to prepare students for Advanced 8th grade coursework.

  7th Grade Units

  • Cells
  • Human Body Systems
  • Reproduction and Heredity
  • Diversity of Living Things
  • Living Systems
  • Earth’s Changing Surface
  • Living in Space

8th Grade will focus on foundational skills in Chemistry, the study of forces on Earth, and the cyclical processes of Earth and Space. Participating in science investigations is an integral part of instruction in the 8th grade classroom.  Students will collaborate in their lab groups to get hands on experience to ensure their academic success and enjoy the experience of learning!  Another focus of 8th grade science is to prepare for the STAAR test, and to ensure students have mastered the fundamentals of Biology.

8th graders take a cumulative Science STAAR Exam that covers materials from all middle school grade levels.  Advanced classes (Pre-AP) are offered to 8th grade Science students to prepare them for Pre-Advanced and Advanced Placement high school courses.

 8th Grade Units

  • Ecosystems
  • Weather
  • Force and Motion
  • Geology
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy
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