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Special Education

Special Education Programs

Applied Learning Environment (ALE)

ALE is a specialized instruction setting for students in special education. This instructional setting is intended for students who have a moderate to severe cognitive disability, need functional academics, and daily living skills to promote independence. Students’ access grade level TEKS at the prerequisite skill level and need intensive individualized instruction in a variety of instructional settings with substantial modifications for ALE

Behavior Mastery Center (BMC)

The BMC programs specialize in supporting the individual educational needs of each student through behavioral and academic foundations. Our primary objective is to provide an environment that contributes to the acquisition of academic and pro-social behavior skills that generalize throughout all aspects of a student's life.

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

ECSE is any special education service for children ages 3-5 which begin as early as the child's 3rd birthday. ECSE services are provided through a continuum of service options that may include "drop-in" speech therapy, in-class support, or specialized instruction as decided by the child's ARD Committee.

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