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Gifted & Talented & A.L.P.H.A. Program

GT Progam

Northside Independent School District provides instructional opportunities and various services designed to meet the unique needs of students with significantly advanced general intellectual ability and/or specific subject matter aptitude in language arts, science, social studies and/or mathematics. These programs provide an appropriately differentiated curriculum in an effort to help students work to their fullest potential. GT program services may include a modified delivery of instruction for students by accelerating and/or providing for greater depth, more complex content, and enrichment activities. Specific GT program services are available in Kindergarten-12th grades. GT Specialists serving identified GT students have met the state requirements necessary for the teaching assignment. Northside ISD recognizes that all students are entitled to a program of educational experiences that provides opportunities to maximize the development of their capabilities.

Elrod GT Specialist: Marty Ortiz

(210) 397-1800

Please contact the front office to be transferred to the G.T. Specialist.

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A message from Elrod G.T. Specialist

Hello parents! 

Have you ever been curious about the G.T. program in NISD? Have you heard of the A.L.P.H.A Program? Have you ever wondered if your child might benefit from these programs? This presentation is a great place to start! I explain all about the GT & A.L.P.H.A. program and the process for determining which students should receive G.T./A.L.P.H.A services.

Please click on the presentation link below and email any questions to Elrod's G.T. & A.L.P.H.A. Teacher, Ms. Marty Ortiz at

Elrod GT Program 2022 Smore Edition

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