Last Day of working at Elrod, Mr. C. retires.


Building from scratch an arcade game through high order thinking skills, creativity, and problem solving by using everyday items. The end product is an elaborate arcade made out of recycled cardboard boxes, bottles and tape hold it all together.

Elrod Eagle Choir perform songs throughout the year on and off campus under the direction of the Choir Director.

Our 5th graders are learning to play the basics of the violin.  In addition, they perform with the choir during on campus performances under the direction of Elrod Choir Director.

Our Kindergarten and First graders learning the basics of flying through a variety of STEM based activities.

Our Safety Patrol Team is comprised of fifth grade students. Requirements include excellent citizenship, good work habits, passing grades, reliability. 


More information at the end of the 2019-2020 will be provided to students and families for next year’s safety patrol team.

Student council meets the First Thursday of the month from 3-4 pm. Next meeting is on Feb.   2020   . 

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide students of Elrod Elementary School with an opportunity to become involved in school and community activities. The Student Council's main purpose is to promote enthusiasm, pride and cooperation among the students through their participation and involvement.  We lead by example and take responsibility which will enable us to make a difference in our school, community and country.


This year's fundraisers: Turkey Feathers - helped raised money to purchase gift cards to help families in need during the holidays. Wild About Pets - drive to help benefit the Helotes Humane Society

Community Service Projects: Elf Louise San Antonio Graffiti Clean Up


This year Elrod Elementary will sponsor a Young Astronaut Chapter for 4th and 5th Graders.  The Young Astronaut Council was formed by the White House in 1984 to help kids experience the fun and adventure of learning.  Today it is the largest youth aerospace organization in the world.  Young Astronauts Club is a STEM based space themed club for our 5th graders to learn all about the wonders of space.

There is a fee required as part of this district sponsored club due at the first meeting.

Students usually meet 

The Young Astronauts Chapter is open to any fourth and fifth graders who is interested in science.  A total of twenty, fourth and fifth graders will be randomly selected from those students who turn in an interest form for participation in the program


The curriculum for the Young Astronauts Meetings this year is SPACE.  Students will participate in science activities that are centered around aeronautics. We will do a special astronomy related activities in preparation for the District stargazing in February 28, 2020. 

Star Gazing was held February 28, 2020

It is a 2 hour event that takes place in the evening. Students rotate for 20 minute activities throughout the night. Such activities may include making a comet, a Star Clock to tell you when stars/planets are out during months/hours, trivia of the curriculum that has been selected for the year, Space Olympics (various objects to be thrown/kicked and jumping - this demonstrates how gravity is affected on the moon or planets - math calculations are involved and last but not least, what everyone looks forward to the opportunity to look through telescopes. These are shared by local astronomy groups.

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