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At John Glenn Elementary we provide 2 Math Specialist that are highly qualified Teachers of Mathematics that have 39 years of combined experience. The goal and focus of the Math Specialist is to develop a student-centered system that effectively works to close the achievement gap in mathematics.  Their specific duties and responsibilities include:

Understands how to collaboratively plan with teachers to effectively analyze and use data to implement intervention programs.  

Understands how to use technology for instructional planning and interventions, i.e. creating reports, using data to plan lessons and intervention groups,  ST Math, Imagine Math, Imagine Math Facts, Fastt Math, and Prodigy.

Continuously monitors progress of students receiving intervention services, in order to adjust instructional practice and grouping which include “pushing-in” to the classrooms to lead or to team teach with teachers and/or pulling out small groups.  

Communicates and collaborates with teachers and/or administration regarding alignment between classroom instruction and interventions.

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