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Academics by Grade Level

Academics by Grade Level

This is a break down of what you student is learning in each grade level and what is expected of them. 


  • The Kindergarten team will work with students and their  families to support success in reading and math. Some of  our key connections with families will be: 
  • ∙ Utilize the daily take home folder that will be sent home to review sight words, 100’s chart, shapes,  and coin chart. 
  • ∙ Encourage families to read together nightly for a  minimum of 20 minutes.

School Expectations for Student  Achievement 

  • ∙ All students will make continual progress in Reading. (Must be  at a Level D to be promoted. Must know a minimum of 25 sight words.) 
  • ∙ All students will increase math performance through use of  Guided Math. (Must be able to count to 100, solve problems to  10, recognize and write numbers to 20.) 
  • ∙ Writer’s Workshop will be used to increase all student’s  writing performance. (Must be able to write my first name and write a complete sentence by the end of the year.) 
  • ∙ Increase family participation to help student success. 


5th Grade Goals for Our Students

In 5th grade we strive to build independent thinkers and real-world problem solvers. We encourage students to become productive citizens and lifelong learners. The 5th grade team collaborates weekly to plan and implement high quality, engaging instruction to help each student reach their highest potential. We want to ensure student success during their final year in elementary school and help prepare our students for the journey to become successful middle school scholars.

5th Grade Expectations for Student Achievement 

*Use student agendas to keep account of daily assignments or ongoing projects

*Read at home for a minimum of 20 minutes and practice multiplication fluency daily

*Be proactive in learning by asking for help on assignments when needed

*Complete all assignments and projects in a timely manner as assigned

*Parental involvement in students academics to aid in student success

5th Grade Academic Topics

*In Reading and Writing we develop and sustain foundational language skills by listening, speaking, reading, writing, researching and thinking in the following genres:

*Traditional literature

*Fiction and Contemporary literature

*Informational texts




*In Math we use mathematical processes to acquire and demonstrate understanding in the following topics: 

*Whole numbers



*Graphing on coordinate plane



*Data analysis

*Personal financial literacy

*In Science we conduct scientific investigations and apply reasoning skills in both our classrooms and Science lab in the following topics: 

*Physical properties of matter

*Force, motion and energy

*Natural, renewable and non-renewable resources

*Changes to Earth’s surface

*Weather and climate

*Sun, moon, and planets

*Organisms and environments

*Adaptations and behaviors of plants and animals

*In Social Studies we apply critical thinking and communication skills by working independently and with others in the following topics:

*Geography of the United States

*Colonial America

*American Revolution

*Constitution and Government

*Westward Expansion and Reconstruction

*The United States in the 20th and 21st Century

*American Identity and Citizenship

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