View of Hatchett Elementary from the front parking lot.


Mellinda Valdez

Breakout EDU uses reprogrammable locks, boxes, and multi-content puzzles to encourage students to become independent thinkers while developing the skills needed to problem solve in math and science, make inferences or character assessments in reading, and build team skills.

Amanda Reich & Christina Lombardino

Cardboard Arcade is a STEM after school enrichment program for 2nd grade students. They will build using engineering skills as they work in teams or individually to design, test, redesign, and eventually create a working arcade-type game. Students will consider game design rules for playing, and prior science knowledge when designing their arcade games.

Melinda Valdez

HNN is the morning Hurricane News Network. 4th & 5th grade students host a morning news “show” where they broadcast live from the news room. They share upcoming events, important announcements, and host daily guests to lead the pledges. Students are responsible for writing the script, directing, setting up the computer and iPad to broadcast, and anchoring the news.

Darrell Villarreal & Andres Cantu

Safety Patrols are school student volunteers from upper grade levels. The Patrols direct children and help them be safe from traffic hazards. Patrols also serve as role models for younger students and serve in leadership roles by helping facilitate school activities (field day, bike rodeo, turkey bowl, etc.)

Lindsay Salazar & Carmen Salazar

STEAM Team is an after-school program for 3rd grade students. It is an engineering program where students work in small groups design, test, redesign, retest, and eventually create a working Rube Goldberg machine that performs a simple task. Students use science knowledge, creativity, and grit to work through each challenge.

Dulce Moreno

Young Astronauts is a tuition-based after-school science enrichment program for fourth and fifth grade students. The topic changes each year, and all lessons and activities focus on building student interest and understanding in the area of space science. The program culminates in February with our annual Stargazing event for fifth grade Young Astronauts

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