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The Literacy department at Meadow Village strives to provide high quality instruction to transform the literacy experiences for our bobcats. At Meadow Village, every student is a part of a balanced literacy program. This includes daily read alouds, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, daily phonics instruction along with reader’s and writer’s workshops. During the literacy block, students are immersed in a wide array of literary genres through daily read alouds and students are encouraged to independently read books of their own interest. Every classroom at MVE is equipped with a classroom library that allows for students to read books on various topics that interest them. Classrooms not only exemplify a great reader’s workshop but also a writer’s workshop in which teachers model best writing practices. Students are provided with ample writing time to try out craft moves under the guidance and coaching of the teacher. Students work on a variety of self-selected writing pieces throughout multiple weeks in a writing unit, ensuring they have a plethora of time and writing practice to master skills. Teachers take the time to sync both reading and writing units so that students are able to imitate what they have read and apply it to their writing. Throughout the literacy block, teachers use a variety of discussion strategies such as turn and talks, think-pair-share and snowball discussions to build students' oral language and increase student-led discussions.

In Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms, purposeful play stations, or play areas, enforce oral language development. Purposeful play also provides practical ways for our students to think deeply and to engage in concrete experiences that deepens their understanding of all areas of academics. Teachers also provide flexible guided reading groups based on their students' needs.

Our MVE Reading Specialists, Writing Specialist and Early Literacy Specialist, provide ongoing support and collaboration with teachers to ensure that high quality learning experiences are meeting the needs of our bobcats. Specialists go into the classrooms daily to co-teach and provide small group support. Specialists also service and provide intervention groups to students in all grade levels. It is our goal that all students become innovative, lifelong learners and readers.

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