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At Meadow Village Elementary we stand by our mission and vision to transform the learning for every student, every day. Here at MVE, every student is challenged to reach their fullest potential. Our math instruction goes beyond basic facts and arithmetic. We follow a conceptual learning model, and instruction is designed to teach students how to think critically and solve complex problems. During the math block, students are encouraged to collaborate with their peers through discussion strategies such as turn and talks and concentric circles. Project based learning is integrated so students can use their knowledge and skills to solve real world problems.

Mathematics at MVE also takes a hands-on approach. Students use a wide variety of manipulatives during instruction, in guided groups and independently to work out and explain their solutions. Small instructional guided groups are pulled daily by teachers to reteach skills and differentiate the needs of students.

Our MVE Math Specialists provide specialized and differentiated support to classrooms with a push-in model to ensure that all students are making progress in their learning. Teachers and specialists further enhance the instructional support by co-teaching and continuously collaborating to provide the best instructional learning for our bobcats. To further meet the needs of all students, flexible math enrichment groups and intervention groups are also available. Students utilize ST Math, an instructional, computer based program to review math concepts. Daily Target Practice is also used as a recursive review for students to review previously taught math skills and concepts. It is our mission to provide the best. We look forward to working alongside you to provide the best quality education for your child.

Students sitting on carpet working on Math problems

Our goal is to develop students' conceptual understanding, computational fluency, analytical thinking, and reasoning through problem solving. We strive to support an instructional environment where students are engaged through hands-on instruction in a Math Workshop Framework, involving data-driven recursive review, differentiated small group instruction, independent math workstations, and group reflection to develop self regulated learners.

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