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Meadow Village Elementary provides a comprehensive and developmental guidance and counseling program for Pre K through 5th grade students.  Services are delivered through the four components: classroom guidance lessons, individual and small group counseling, individual planning, and system support.  We focus on the four content areas of interpersonal effectiveness, intrapersonal effectiveness, personal health and safety, and post-secondary planning and career readiness which develop student skills.

We offer continued support through various campus wide initiatives such as:

  • Parent Cafécitos on relevant topics
  • Career Day presentations
  • Red Ribbon Week to encourage a drug free life and healthy habits
  • Generation TX Week to promote a college and career culture
  • Inclusive Schools Week to explore diversity and inclusion
  • Our Words Matter Week 
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Faculty professional development trainings
  • Student Mentorship program
  • Pillars of Character

Your School Counselor's Job is too...

  • Manage a comprehensive counseling program by assessing student needs, planning and delivering services, and evaluating student outcomes
  • Teach guidance curriculum using the four skill goals
  • Provide brief counseling to help students work through concerns or crisis
  • Consult with parents, teachers, administrators, and community members regarding student concerns 
  • Interpret test results 
  • Coordinate with school and community personnel to provide resources for students and support student’s development
  • Provide leadership for the counseling program and ensure diverse needs are met.
  • Advocate for student’s needs on campus and for the program as a whole. 

Individual Planning


School counselors help students set academic and career goals so that they are successful during school.  This might mean helping students develop SMART goals to improve academic performance, examining interests and abilities as it relates to careers, interpreting test scores, or introducing students to course options for middle school. 

System Support

School counselors spend time planning and managing services that indirectly benefit students.

  • Parent Cafecitos
  • Parent Education
  • Parent & Teacher Consultation
  • Collecting and analyzing data on student success and outcomes to improve services
  • Professional development
  • Campus-Wide initiatives such as Red Ribbon Week, Generation TX, No Name-Calling Week, etc.

Guidance Curriculum

School Counselors teach life skill lessons to all students on a day rotation using the TEA approved Four Skill Goals.

  • Developing a positive self-concept
  • Changing a particular behavior
  • Developing ways to manage the demands of school, social activities, and family
  • Making positive decisions and taking responsibility for actions
  • Respecting and appreciating differences
  • Learning how to effectively communicate with others
  • Navigating relationships with friends, dating partners, family members, teachers, employers
  • Motivation to achieve in school
  • Understanding how grades can affect post-secondary choices
  • Selecting a career or college path
  • Setting post-graduation goals
  • Identifying resilience and positive coping skills
  • Identifying assertiveness skills for personal protection
  • Learning how to set personal boundaries
  • Creating a personal wellness plan

Responsive Services


Meadow Village counselors are ready to listen and walk students through challenging situations using counseling theories and creative techniques in brief individual and small group sessions.  We also offer crisis counseling and provide community referrals.


How can I see my counselor?

  • Self-referral
  • Teacher referral
  • Parent referral
  • Administrative referral

*Consent (permission) will be obtained from the parent or legal guardian when a student needs to be seen regularly.

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