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Student Council

Madison Umpierre

Student Council is an organization that promotes citizenship, leadership, scholarship and school spirit as it fosters the development of future leaders.  Participants learn lifelong skills such as presentation, project design, reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  It also supports service learning as projects are planned to benefit the students, the teachers, and the community.

Student Council membership will be open to all students in grades 4 and 5.  Students will vote for two representatives from each classroom, and those chosen will have the opportunity to run for an office including:  president (5th grade only), vice president (4th or 5th), and secretary (4th or 5th).  Because Student Council members and officers are leaders on the campus, they are the role models for other students; therefore, they must exhibit leadership characteristics such as:  good attendance, good grades, responsibility following the school rules (such as turning in assignments on time) and good behavior.

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