Pat Neff Library



Jessica Montalvo, Attendance Secretary

Office Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Phone: 210-397-4108

Please email absence excuses to:

Doctors & Parent Notes

All notes must be turned in within 3 school days of the absence. For example: If your child is absent on Friday, the last day to turn in a note is Wednesday. Please make sure the excuse has the following information.

Doctor notes

Parent notes

  • Student name
  • ID number & Grade
  • Date of absence
  • Phone number for doctor
  • Date of note
  • Student name
  • ID number & Grade
  • Date of absence
  • Parent name & signature
  • Reason for absence
  • Date of note
  • Phone number for parent


Picking up students:

You are required to have your ID in order to verify that you are on the pick up list for the safety of the student. You must be in the school building in order for us to call the student down to leave. The latest a student can be picked up is at 3:40pm.

Updating information: (In person or by email is acceptable)

When adding an emergency contact provide your ID, your child's name and the name of the person you want to add along with their phone number/s and their relationship to your student.

When updating a phone number provide your ID, your child's name, the old phone number and the new phone number.

When updating your address you must provide proof of residence, this can be a current utility bill under the parents name. Light, water, cable, and internet are all acceptable documents. Include your ID and name of your child. If you do not have a bill under your name yet, we can take a disclosure statement and/or lease. That will be good for 30 days until you get a bill. If you do not have a bill under your name, you will need an affidavit of residency. Please see me for that form. 

High school credit courses

Students enrolled in high school credit courses (Algebra, Spanish, HS Art, AVID 1, Comm Apps/MAPS, Principles of Applied Engineering, and Principals of Human Services) only: If your child is enrolled in any of the listed courses and will receive high school credit, Texas School Law states that students must be in attendance at least 90% of the time to receive credit for a course. If the student is in attendance less than 90%, the student may lose credit for the course. Students may not miss 9 days to a semester course, or 18 days for a yearlong course. Students will not receive credit if they exceed the number of allowable absences - even if the absence is excused.

Warning letter

Students, who are absent 3+ days in a 4 week period or 10+ days in a six month period, will receive a warning letter from the school. Schedule a conference with the school if you believe your child is having attendance issues. Future unexcused absences will result in prosecution under the Texas Education Code (TEC 25). 

Law on attendance

Students who are absent without excuse for 3+ days or parts of days in a four week period; or 10+ days or parts of days in a 6 month period, the student and/or student’s parents are subject to prosecution under the Texas Education Code. For further explanation of attendance, refer to the Student Handbook.

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