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-Values & Guidelines-

Extracurricular Programs

All extracurricular programs at Rayburn are built on a spirit of sportsmanship, friendly competition, and conduct of the highest level. Understanding that these programs are only one component of the total educational process, we strive to keep its importance in perspective. Each students will learn that success or failure cannot be measured in wins or losses. Rather, the effort put forth, the sacrifice of self for team goals, and the display of humility and discipline will confirm our commitment to character development and lifelong success.


Academically, it is expected that all student athletes work to their absolute best. A student must be passing all of his/her classes to retain athletic eligibility. If a student receives any grade below a 70 on a report card, he/she will not be allowed to participate in any game or performance for a period of three weeks. Attending practice during this time is still highly recommended. After the 3 week period, a progress grade will be checked by the Athletic Coordinator. All classes must be passing at the progress check to regain eligibility for game participation.


Attendance is an important part of building strong student athletes and successful teams. Being prepared and on time to all classes as well as practices develops our commitment to success. Student athletes are expected to attend all practices unless they have a legitimate excuse and have made arrangements with the coaching staff. Any athlete who is absent from school on the day of a game will not be permitted to participate in the athletic event. Multiple absences may result in loss of participation privileges, or dismissal from the team.


Student athletes will be viewed as goodwill ambassadors for Rayburn. Student athletes are expected to have good behavior in their classrooms and other areas of the school. Constant disruptive behavior could result in probation, loss of participation privileges, or dismissal from the team. If a student’s conduct during participation in an event is aggressively negative or violent in nature, he/she can be removed from competition. An athlete who is suspended from school will not be permitted to practice, participate in a contest or attend a school function until he/she has been reinstated in school and has competed a full day of classes.

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