Stevenson front office sign in desk decorated with student art.

Stevenson Dress Code

Stevenson Dress Code

● Bottoms should cover all skin above fingertips* (including pants/jeans with holes, skirts and shorts). *While standing or walking with hands by side, bottoms must not be shorter than longest finger.

● If students wear jeans with holes above their fingertips, the holes must be covered with shorts or leggings worn under their jeans that cover that thigh area.

● Clothing should cover chests, midriffs, backs, and undergarments. Shirts must have over-the- shoulder straps at least the width of an ID or credit card.

● For safety purposes, no trench-style coats, wallet/dog chains, collars, or spiked jewelry are permitted.

● Clothing, accessories, or personal grooming that depict sexual slogans, gangs, tobacco, alcohol products, drugs, weapons, or violence are not permitted.

● Pajamas and house shoes are not permitted.

● For safety purposes, all shoes/sandals must have a back strap with a closure and crocs are not permitted.

● All jewelry must be school appropriate; earlobe spikes and/or spacers and septum rings are not permitted.

● Tattoos are not permitted and will be covered at all times. Body art in any form to include writing on skin and distracting or inappropriate stickers is not permitted.

● Headwear, including hoods, may not be worn in the building.

Because fads in dress and grooming are subject to sudden and sometimes radical change, modifications to the dress code may be announced, implemented, and enforced during the course of the academic school year.

Final determination of acceptable dress and grooming rests with the principal or his/her designee.

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