the front of villarreal on a sunny and windy day during winter


Portrait of Mr. Eduardo Villarreal Jr.
Mr. Eduardo Villarreal Jr. contributed 38 years of his life to education, approximately 23 of those with Northside ISD. He started as a classroom teacher at Cable Elementary in 1966, the first male Kindergarten teacher in Northside. Two years later he became the principal at Cable, making him the first Hispanic principal in NISD. In 1971 he was named the principal of Forest Hills Elementary School. He was appointed Director of Federal Programs in 1975, and in 1979 became the Assistant Superintendent for Federal Programs. In this position, he headed what is now the Division of Compensatory and Support Programs.

Mr. Villarreal was born in Laredo, TX on September 17, 1928. He attended Texas Military Institute in San Antonio, and graduated from St. Mary's University. In November of 1989, Mr. Villarreal retired from Northside. He passed away on December 24, 1990. On May 5, 1991, under the principalship of Dr. Benito Resendez, Forest Hills Elementary was officially renamed Eduardo Villarreal Jr. Elementary School. Mr. Villarreal was married to Acelie and had three sons, Eduardo III, Manuel, and Roberto.
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