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Library Policies


You do not need a pass to come into the Library before school, after school, or during your lunch.  You will need a pass signed by a teacher or administrator during a class period; please present your pass to library staff upon arrival.



For safety reasons, all students visiting the library not as part of a class must sign into the N-Time system. If leaving before the end of the period, please sign out. Library staff will log all students off at the end of each period. 



Books are circulated for three weeks. You may check out up to three items at a time.  If you have an overdue item from the Library, your account will be locked until the item is returned. Should you lose or damage a Library item, NISD Board policy states that you will be required to pay for that item; we accept cash or check, no credit cards. All fines and fees should be settled by the end of the semester or the end of the year. 


Library environment

The Library is used by students, teachers, and staff for a variety of reasons. While we encourage the use of the library for leisure, it is important that a study atmosphere be maintained. If you disrupt other Library patrons, you will be asked to leave or sent back to class. Major disruptions will be reported to Administration. 


Library computers

We have 22 desktop computers available for you to use if there is not a class scheduled the Library. We do not issue laptops to individual students. 

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