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Our goal is to develop students' conceptual understanding, computational fluency, analytical thinking, and reasoning through problem solving. We strive to support an instructional environment where students are engaged through hands-on instruction in a Math Workshop Framework, involving data-driven recursive review, differentiated small group instruction, independent math workstations, and group reflection to develop self regulated learners.


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Math at Westwood Terrace ES

At Westwood Terrace Elementary, we strive to keep all students engaged in math.  We provide students with instruction that is both hands-on and engaging.  We use the NISD Math Framework to guide our instruction.  Using specific targets and problem-solving, we work on each student's needs.  We work with students in small groups to meet their needs and provide computer interventions and station activities for students to reinforce content and learning.  At Westwood Terrace Elementary School, we strive to have students have fun in math while connecting it to the real world.  


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