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Dr. Hector P. Garcia Middle School Campus Grading Policy

HGMS Campus Grading Policy

  • Category breakdowns will be by department 

          (consistent throughout the grade levels).

Social Studies, International Languages, Fine Arts, PE, CATE, AVID courses: 

50% Formative         50% Summative 

English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Comm Apps/MAPPS courses:

40% Formative        60% Summative 

Science courses: 

20% Formative        40% Summative         40% Labs 


  • There will be a minimum of --
    • 2 grades (different assignments) in summative category
    • 3 grades (different assignments) in formative & lab categories
    • 2 grades per week - total dependent on the number of weeks in the nine weeks
    • 6 grades loaded in TAC  (different assignments)  by the end of the third week with at least one grade. This just a reminder for progress reports - Think about UIL eligibility 
  • Grades will be updated each week.
  • Transfer averages will be used. They will be used in the place of any assignments that were done prior to the student enrolling.  There is a time window to be aware of. 

Missing Work

  • Students have two days to complete and turn in missing assignments without penalty to their grade.
  • Work turned in after the two day deadline will be subject to penalty at the teacher’s discretion. This should align between grade level PLC.
  • Consistent late work should be reflected in the conduct grade - For Example, “S” to “N” 
  • Blank grades are not allowed for missing assignments.  Teachers will enter an “M” for missing assignments.

Projects That Are Completed Outside Of Class

  • For projects that students have been given at least 5 days to complete, the two day policy for late work will be included in the extended time frame. 
  • For projects that students have been given at least 5 days to complete, no additional homework will be assigned for that given time period. (This does not include classwork that was not finished.) 


Academic Integrity

All students are expected to be honest and to display a high standard of integrity in the preparation and presentation of work in all courses. The attempt of any student to present as his/her own work that which he/she has not honestly performed will be regarded as a serious offense. 

  • Academic dishonesty may subject the offender to a grading penalty or disciplinary action (referral). This is at the discretion of the teacher. 


Academic Grading Scale 

90 - 100


80 - 89


75 - 79


70 - 74


69 and Below



Any deviation from this policy must be cleared with the Principal or Academic Dean.


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