My Art Starz

Shelly Fluke
Meeting Time/Location
Tuesdays 3:05-4:05pm in the Art Room

Kids meet after school once a week for 12 weeks of Creative Fun! 

Classes on Tuesdays from Sept 20th to Dec 13th

Our classes offer a wide range of mixed media that will ignite creativity in every child. Students will experiment with drawing painting, acrylics on canvas, chalk pastels, watercolor, collage, clay sculpture and much more. Students are guided through a step by step lesson, giving their personal touch to their projects as they learn about color theory, patterns, shading, and blending as well as several other art concepts and techniques along the way. Students make personal choices, contribute ideas, work together and independently, and nurture their imaginations all while having FUN! This spring session, each student will receive one of their masterpieces framed and ready to display. Supplies are of professional quality. 

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